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  “When I get a little money, I buy books. If any is left I buy food and clothes.” Erasmus  
What is a Loaghtan?
  A Rochester Town Crier'  
  Port Erin; Past & Present  
  History is one of our main interests,
so, having strayed away from it for
a while, it’s lovely to get back into
delving into the past.
  At the end of the nineteenth century,
holidaymakers discovered the Isle
of Man. Port Erin, then a tiny fishing
hamlet, became a favourite place to
visit. Hotels were built and life
started to revolve around the needs
of the visitors.
  In the 1960s the lure of ‘abroad’
meant that fewer visitors came to the
island and many of the old hotels
struggled to survive. Quite a lot of
them have gone, replaced by modern
flats and apartments for people to
live in year round. Port Erin is
reinventing itself again, and this
book reminds us of the dramatic
changes which have taken place
in the seaside town.
  Port Erin; Past & Present does
exactly what it says on the cover. Old
sepia photographs are matched with
specially-taken modern photographs
to show exactly how this small
seaside town has changed, and to
reveal the odd quirks which have
stayed the same.
  Welcome to the Loaghtan Books website.
As a reader have you ever felt that the books you really want to own are just too expensive?

So did we!

To rectify that we at Loaghtan Books keep our prices as low as possible and the quality of our books as high as we can.

We are a small but growing independent
publishing house, founded to produce the sort
of books we want to read but can’t find elsewhere. At the moment we publish only factual books,
but in the future, who knows…?

We don’t restrict ourselves to specialising in
certain subjects, preferring to base our books on what readers tell us interest them. Whatever the subject each publication is researched thoroughly and imaginatively illustrated. Our books aim equally at education, illumination and entertainment or, to put it another way, learning and fun.

Some of our books are based on unique historic material; manuscripts and photographs not previously published to which we have added commentary so that our readers can understand allusions in the text not obvious to modern eyes.
Other books are completely new, researched and written in house or by authors whose standards are as high as our own.

In this digital age, information can be can be seen by thousands merely at the click of the mouse.
But how accurate is it? And who checks that it’s true? At Loaghtan Books we check. We verify everything we publish. And accuracy needn’t
be stuffy and boring. Look at our book pages
to find out.

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