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  “I never read a book before reviewing it; it prejudices a man so.” Sydney Smith  
The things people say
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  No book is universally popular. You only have to look at a list of books chosen for any literary prize, plus
the comments made about them, to realise that.
  Reviewing books must therefore be a thankless task as, no matter what you say, there’s always someone who will disagree with you. While we’d like to agree with Iris Murdoch who said that ‘a bad review is even less important than whether it is raining in Patagonia’ – except perhaps to the Patagonians – we can always learn from what other people think about our books.  
  We thought you might like to see what reviewers have written. The following articles are unedited and have been written completely independently of anyone connected with Loaghtan Books.  
  Loaghtan Books Book Reviews.

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Manx Independent (The Wreck of the Racehorse)

Tramway Review (Power, Poles & Platelaying)

Manx Life (A manx A-B-C-Dery)

Manx Life (my year as manx bard)

Manx Independent (Really big surprise)

Manx Life (stick to safety)

Manx Independent (2 fish for the summit)

Trams magazine (2 fish for the summit)

Trams magazine (mann with a;

Tramway review (manx electric railway)

Tramfare review (manx electric railway)

Tramway review (by whing)

Tramway Museum Soc Journal (by whing)

IoM Examiner (3 Legs Good)

Manx Independent (3 Legs Good)

The Journal TNS (stops along the mer)

Model Railway Express (stops along the mer)

Trams Today (stops along the mer)

Tramway Review (stops along the mer)

Manx Independent (sites & stories)

Thanet Gazette (Tims War)

Manx Tails and the North American Manx Ass. (A De-tailed Account of Manx Cats)

Norwood Review (A Cog in the Wheel)

Fort Bliss Monitor (invading America 1943)

Faversham Society Newsletter (Dear Ray)

Manx life (A brief history of the isle of man)

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