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Loaghtan A Brief history of the Isle of Mann book images
  “Few ordinary people in Europe had the traditional independence and freedom of movement (via the sea) of the Manx. Today it’s difficult to appreciate just how important the sea was as a means of communication…In the fourteenth century, Mann was about as isolated as Gatwick Airport.” Pages 49-50, A Brief History of the Isle of Man  
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  picture from the book - A Brief History of the Isle of Man  
  Many books have already been written about the Isle of Man, so why did we add another one?  
  It’s simple; we could find no inexpensive overview of the history of the island.  
  There are lots of excellent books covering all sorts of aspects of the island’s past, from learned papers on vernacular Manx buildings, to a history of the island’s prisons. But there seemed to be nothing which a casual visitor or someone new to Manx history could use as an introduction.  
  We decided to put together the sort of book we wanted to read.  
  Eight chapters cover the Isle of Man from its creation to the present day, while the ninth touches on Manx legends about its own past; the island’s ‘alternative history’.  
  A Brief History of the Isle of Man
Manx history book jacket.gif

A Brief History of the Isle of Man was written to meet the demand for an overview of this
fascinating island’s history.

Did you know, for example, that the last abbey to be dissolved by Henry VIII, the most complete mediaeval castle in Europe, and the site of the world’s first holiday camp can all be found on the Isle of Man?

From the oldest parliament in the world came the first legislation granting votes for women. And the world’s most famous motorbike road race takes place on an island where it is still traditional to greet the fairies when crossing their bridge.

Mann is an island of contrasts. It has a social structure which harks directly back to the island’s Viking past, a history of offering a home to financial entrepreneurs (well what else would you call smugglers?) and, after China, the US, Russia and India, is fifth in the race to return to the moon.

Centred in the Irish Sea, Mann has been drawn
into the politics of the surrounding islands yet
still maintained its own traditions, language and way of life. It is the long and proud history of the Manx, their island and their search for independence which this book celebrates.

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