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  “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”
Roald Dahl
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Stone wyvern's head on the ground
The zest of the rest.
  OK, yes, we admit it, this is
something of a catch-all section. However, unlike the ‘miscellaneous’
drawer in the filing cabinet which fills
up with all the things people can’t be
bothered to file properly, this section
really does contain books which are
difficult to categorise.
  My Year as Manx Bard does what
it says on the cover and describes
a year in the life of the Manx Bard as
well as providing some information
about general bardic history.
What really places the book in the
‘catch-all section’, however, is that
it also contains quite a lot of the
poetry written by the Manx Bard
during the year.
  Sites & Stories is both fiction and
non-fiction. The book takes a dozen
of the many attractions around the
Isle of Man, sets a short story in each
of them and follows the fiction with
some factual information about the
attraction. Twelve chapters,
twelve attractions, twelve stories,
twelve sets of information.
  What Nobody Sees, on the other hand,
is emphatically non-fiction, and is
harrowing in places. It shows,
however, just what one person can do
if they put their mind to it.
Anne-Pia’s struggle against disability,
some of it caused by medical
negligence, is inspiring. An
astonishing book; an astonishing life.
  So, if you’re looking for something
a bit different, we hope you find
it here.

Book Description Links
I never wanted a pub book cover
I Never Wanted
a Pub…
Written by Celia Bannister
The hilarious characters and
events the author experienced
running a village pub
in the 1950s.
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Image of my year as manx bard book cover
My Year as Manx Bard
Written by Sara Goodwins
The highs and lows of
being Manx Bard.
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Image of sights and stories book cover
Sites & Stories Written by Sara Goodwins
Twelve Manx attractions,
a short story set in each and
twelve sets of factual
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Image of What Nobody Sees book cover
What Nobody Sees
Written by Anne-Pia
Nygård, translated by
Tracy and Tim Rishton,
illustrations by
Harald Nygård.
An inspiring story of one
girl’s struggle against
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