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Cover and pages from 'To the Rescue
  “Fenella was pleased but knew that the next bit might be even more difficult. Going downhill she didn’t need to work hard to Go. She needed to work hard to Slow! ”
To the Rescue! , page 27
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  cartoon pic of Fenella 14  
To the Rescue!
  Although the Tram Tales are aimed
at children we try to make them
reflect as accurately as possible the
actual working of the Manx Electric
Railway, not only in the text but
also in the illustrations.
  For this reason, eagle-eyed readers
will notice that car 14 (Fenella to us)
looks slightly different in different
pictures. This is because the two
ends of the tramcar differ slightly
from each other. Depending which
way Fenella is going, she is drawn
slightly differently.
  This difference is not unique to car
14. Aficionados of the MER routinely
refer to the trams as having a
‘Douglas end’ and a ‘Ramsey end’.
Douglas is the southern terminus of
the line, and Ramsey its northern
terminus. The tramcars are almost
never turned round, but shuttle up
and down the line, hence the
traditional nomenclature. Those of
you who are interested might like to
know that the picture above shows
Fenella’s Douglas end.
  The most noticeable ‘end’ difference
of late years was in tramcar 33. Each
tram’s individual number is painted
on the dash panel at both its ends.
Car 33’s number appeared below the
light at its Ramsey end and above the
light at its Douglas end. As car 33
has now been repainted this
difference is, sadly, no longer visible.
  To the Rescue!
page 8 from To the Rescue

Back by popular request, To the Rescue! is the fourth in our Tram Tales of the Manx Electric Railway series of children’s books.

Fenella Fourteen is the smallest tram on the MER. She has been recently mended after sleeping for a long time in Ramsey shed, and is the only tram on the MER with ratchet brakes rather than air brakes. Not every motorman can drive her so she often has
to stay in the shed.

page 18 from To the Rescue

The Ninian Nineteen, one of the big hardworking winter saloons gets very ill when running the service. Fenella proves that Very Good Trams come in all shapes and sizes

To the Rescue! is a welcome addition to the growing series and joins the other three Tram Tales Something on the Line, Stick to Safety and The Really BIG Surprise.

page 29 from To the Rescue

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