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  “These books are not lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…
speaking to us.” Gilbert Highet
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  New authors  
  Despite appearances, we do publish work by other people!  
  While we work full time at producing books, we recognise that for most people it’s not their main job. Whether it’s a hobby, interest or compulsion, researching and writing takes time, and putting together a book can be a long job. The results can be fascinating, however, and often well worth the wait.  
  A number of people have approached Loaghtan Books in the hope that their work might be publishable. (Are you reading this, Don, Ian?) Others wait
in the wings while we try to coax them on stage.
  Hopefully, over the next few months these hard-working authors might
see their work in print.
Watch this space!’
  Future publications
My year as Manx Bard

As those of you know who receive the Loaghtan
Books newsletter, in August 2017 the junior partner
was inaugurated as Manx Bard. The post is
voluntary and unpaid, and although lasts a lifetime,
a new bard is inaugurated each year, so, in reality,
most of what is to happen, happens during the
first year.

image from tram tales series

The role of the Manx Bard is to promote all things Manx, through original poetry, talks, media appearances and the like. It’s been a roller coaster ride with the junior partner doing all sorts of things she never thought she could.

images from my year as manx bard

image from my year as manx bard

From the highlight of reading her poetry to an
audience from the stage of the Gaiety Theatre,
Douglas, to the depths of being stood up by
a journalist who had arranged an interview and then
forgotten all about it, the book will give an insight
into the varied experiences of a varied year.

We thought that putting together a book about the
Manx Bard would not only help the role further but
also provide an introduction to an aspect of Manx
culture which is often overlooked. Consequently
we’ve rearranged the publication schedule slightly,
in order to squeeze an extra book in. Because this
is an ‘extra’ we don’t have a definite publication
date for it yet, but it will be out before Christmas,
hopefully in October.

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