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Images from tram tales of the manx railway series
  “These books are not lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…
speaking to us.” Gilbert Highet
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  New authors  
  Despite appearances, we do publish work by other people!  
  While we work full time at producing
books, we recognise that for most
people it’s not their main job.
Whether it’s a hobby, interest or
compulsion, researching and writing
takes time, and putting together
a book can be a long job.
The results can be fascinating,
however, and often well worth
the wait.
  A number of people have approached Loaghtan Books in the hope that their work might be publishable. (Are you reading this, Don, Ian?) Others wait
in the wings while we try to coax them on stage.
  Hopefully, over the next few months these hard-working authors might
see their work in print.
Watch this space!’
  Future publications
The Really Big Surprise -
Tram Tales of the Manx Electric Railway # 3

More about the adventures of the trams of the Manx Electric Railway (MER).

image from tram tales series

In September 2018 the MER trams celebrate their
125th birthday. All sorts of exciting things are being
organised, including a visit by a horse-drawn tram
from the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway – something
which has never happened before. Also planned
are guided tours, special vehicles, and a cavalcade
of trams through Laxey Station.

But there’s something else. A Really Big Surprise.
None of the trams can work out what it is, although
Sven the Number 7, tries very hard to find out.

image from tram tales series

The third in the popular series ‘Tram Tales of the MER’ will tell of the MER trams’ birthday day party, and how they were given a really big surprise. It will be published in August.
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