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  “These books are not lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…
speaking to us.” Gilbert Highet
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  Despite appearances, we do publish work by other people!  
  While we work full time at producing books, we recognise that for most people it’s not their main job. Whether it’s a hobby, interest or compulsion, researching and writing takes time, and putting together a book can be a long job. The results can be fascinating, however, and often well worth the wait.  
  A number of people have approached Loaghtan Books in the hope that their work might be publishable. (Are you reading this, Don, Ian?) Others wait
in the wings while we try to coax them on stage.
  Hopefully, over the next few months these hard-working authors might
see their work in print.
Watch this space!’
  Future publications
Port Erin; Past & Present
By Ray Stanfield.

Its picturesque setting and sun-trap beach have long attracted visitors to flock to Port Erin, nestled on the southern tip of the Isle of Man at the end of the steam line from Douglas. In the first half of the twentieth century they arrived in their thousands, clutching cardboard suitcases and the hands of children, determined that their annual holiday would be fun.

Port Erin still attracts tourists who can still arrive by steam train, but many of the village’s former attractions have changed, mutated or gone, transformed to meet a new century’s needs.

images from Port erin p+p

Ray’s collection of rare old postcards shows a way of life which is fading from memory. There is the open air swimming pool with its bevy of posing beauties (some of them men), now long abandoned. Smart private hotels with ‘constant hot water’ are now apartments or have grown forlorn. Some have gone, demolished to make way for modern buildings or because they were falling down. Fishing vessels, sails furled, moor in the harbour where now wind surfers play. Over it all, Milner’s Tower on Bradda Head keeps watch.

images from Port erin p+p

Each of Ray’s postcard views will be matched with a modern photograph to show just what has changed, and, almost as surprisingly, what has remained the same.

images from Port erin p+pd

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