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Image of elaborate-Sheepdip from Maughold
  ďThese books are not lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…
speaking to us.Ē Gilbert Highet
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  Despite appearances, we do publish work by other people!  
  While we work full time at producing books, we recognise that for most people itís not their main job. Whether itís a hobby, interest or compulsion, researching and writing takes time, and putting together a book can be a long job. The results can be fascinating, however, and often well worth the wait.  
  A number of people have approached Loaghtan Books in the hope that their work might be publishable. (Are you reading this, Don, Ian?) Others wait
in the wings while we try to coax them on stage.
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see their work in print.
Watch this space!í
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Maughold: an Appreciation.
By Ian Bleasdale.

A farming parish in the north-east corner of the
Isle of Man, Maughold is named after St Maughold,
one of St Patrickís converts who was blown to the
island in an oarless coracle. Church penances were
rather more severe in those days!

image of The-Colony-from-Port-e-Vullen-beach from Maughold

Itís a large parish but without any large towns,
and its small village and scattered communities
seem today a sleepy part of the island.
Appearances can be deceptive.
images from maughold - The-Central-School, Ballagilley-farm-watermill and Well-&-Keeil-Maughold-Churchyard

image of Keeil-Woirrey from Maughold

Maughold has been a hive of industry with several
mines for iron, copper and even iodine. It has
disused quarries for roofing slate and hardcore,
and even the remains of an explosive factory
tucked into a wooded glen out of harmís way.
Look further back and the modest parish church
is all thatís left of one of the biggest monastic
foundations on the island. Its collection of
Celtic crosses is one of the largest outside the
Manx Museum.

For all its industrial past, however, Maughold
is one of the most beautiful parishes on the Isle
of Man. With its sheep, stream-filled glens,
woodland and rocky coves, Maugholdís landscape
stretches from uplands to the sea.

image of Jalloo-School-before-conversion from Maughold

A long-term resident of Maughold, Ian Bleasdale
combines a deep knowledge and love of the parish
with fascinating and quirky insights in his
forthcoming book.

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