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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay
where you are.” JP Morgan, Financier


What is a Loaghtan?

A loaghtan is a Manx sheep. Once seen they are rarely forgotten, which is why we chose it as a symbol of our publishing house. The word can be spelt in various ways but is pronounced roughly loch-tun. The sheep are small, always brown, hardy lack wool on their legs and face and have four or occasionally six horns, which is greedy.
The Loaghtan, together with breeds such as the Soay, are the nearest modern equivalent of prehistoric sheep. So now you know.

Who are we?

Tired of being ignored by publishers, many of whom who didn’t seem to know what they were doing, Sara Goodwins and George Hobbs decided to set up Loaghtan Books to see whether they could do any better.

A freelance writer and editor for well over twenty years with over 1,000 articles and several books to her credit, Sara has always tried to provide her readers with something entertaining and hopefully instructive. She writes on a wide variety of subjects but insists on researching thoroughly whatever she writes about; anything less would be to cheat her readers. She particularly loves the quirky and unusual, which brings us neatly to…

George. He has had to put up with Sara for most of her career as, in addition to being the photographer (and brains) of the team, he’s also her husband. Poor man. Widely travelled his photographs have appeared in a number of publications on both sides of the Atlantic, and occasionally in the Far East. Australia has yet to be conquered! His images frequently, although not always, support and enhance his wife’s work. 

Together they hope that Loaghtan Books will provide its readers with quality books at an affordable price.

Contact Info

01624 818292


Caardee, Dreemskerry Hill,
Maughold, Isle of Man, IM7 1BE