Tram Tales of the Manx Electric Railway. Stories 1-3 (Audio CD)


Written and read by Sara Goodwins.  Sound effects by Tim Price.

Audiobooks of Something on the Line, Stick to Safety & The Really BIG Surprise

“Sven sounded his whistle. Joan understood straight away and started to whistle too. Then Derby majestically joined in. One by one all the trams began to hoot, peep, toot and whistle.”

The Really BIG Surprise


Something on the Line

Twain, number 22, has to be very brave when the trams hear that there is a dinosaur on the line.

Stick to Safety

Pam the Paddlebox, number 16, thinks that red is rubbish and it gets her into trouble.

The Really Big Surprise

The trams are having a 125th birthday party and Sven, number 7, tries to find out what the Really Big Surprise is.

Narrated by the author and enhanced by the sounds of the tramway. So… if a tram whistles, it REALLY whistles. Horses clop, brakes ratchet, phones ring and water sloshes. You might even hear a dinosaur roar…

Using your ears

It’s amazing how different the world is when you really listen to it. That was our first thought when we worked with recording expert Tim Price to turn the first three of our children’s series  'Tram Tales of the Manx Electric Railway' into an audio CD. From the beginning we wanted to make it more than just narration and Tim was brilliant at finding exactly the right noises to create an audio ‘picture’. He spent hours chasing trams to record their different whistles, motor and brake noises; it was only his hard work that revealed to us that Pam the Paddlebox has a different whistle at each end.

Funny things happened too. At one point Tim asked if he could record throwing something down our stairs. He lives in a bungalow and doesn’t have stairs of his own to throw things down…

And then there was the recording of the bus. I thought it would be easy and suggested recording the hydraulic opening and closing of the bus doors. So, Tim, Loaghtan Books’ senior partner and a friendly bus driver – with his bus – congregated to listen to the bus doors open and close several times. It was only then that we discovered that the Isle of Man buses are almost completely silent. Goodness knows what passing pedestrians thought they were doing.

It was all great fun though, and the result is a tribute to Tim’s hard work and expertise.

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