Manx Flowers

By Rosie Greening


Rosie Greening, artist and writer, uses her illustrations of the natural world to encourage others to respect and nurture it. She paints everything from intimate botanical studies to sweeping coastal panoramas, but her book will concentrate on the flowers and plants native to the Isle of Man. Each page is illustrated by her delicate watercolours and will also give details of the plant, its uses and its place in folklore.
The Isle of Man is unique in being the only entire country to be admitted as a Biosphere by UNESCO. Biospheres encourage people to get involved in the natural world and look at it in new ways. Rosie is a Biosphere partner, pledged to help protect the natural environment and celebrate the Isle of Man’s land and seascapes.
Painting of this calibre takes a long time, however, so you’ll probably have to wait until Spring 2025 before the book is available. It’ll be worth the wait.

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From the Publisher

Calling new writers

While we work full time at producing books, we recognise that for most people it’s not their main job.  Whether it’s a hobby, interest or compulsion, researching and writing takes time, and putting together a book can be a long job.  The results can be fascinating, however, and often well worth the wait.

We welcome approaches from people who hope that their work might be publishable and, while we can’t promise to handle everything, we will try to be as helpful as we can.  One thing we can promise is to respond quickly with our opinion on your work.

Hopefully Loaghtan Books can help new authors to find their readership.