Stops Along the Manx Electric Railway

by George Hobbs
Loaghtan Books, 2014 (£18.95)
(ISBN 978 1908 060 099)


The Manx Electric Railway (MER) is unique. Built at the end of the Victorian era, it continues in operation today with the original rolling stock. This antiquity is found on the eastern coast of the Isle of Man operating between Douglas and Ramsey.

Manx resident and long term fan of the MER, George Hobbs, has produced a very attractive and detailed guide to the line.

Each stop is describe in detail. Most are little more than basic shelters or even just stopping flags on poles. There are larger stations too though and due to the age of the line, no two stops are the same with a variety of buildings built to shelter the traveller from the changable Manx weather.

For those interested in langauge, the Manx names for each stop are explained where possible.

Along the way there are lots of well reproduced photographs from a wide variety of eras. An impressive range of stock in the full range of liveries can be seen. The MER hasn’t always been a passenger only railway so the various vans and departmental vehicles also get an airing.

I make no bones about loving the Isle of Man and her railway systems. My library of books on the subject is extensive but this is a worthwhile addition to the shelves thanks to it’s detail and number of illustrations.

Review by Phil Parker